It´s not about being against leather itself…

in the Mexican tradition we still make drums and sacred ceremony items with leather from different animals, so for personal reasons I can’t condemn leather itself. What I don’t agree with is the pollution and waste that comes with the massive or unconscious way to process it.

When I found out about a leather like material made from fruit and vegetable scraps, I was totally fascinated and started collecting all kind of biowaste at home. My whole apartment was full of eggshells, banana, cucumber, pomegranate, lemon & mango peels, vegetable scraps, avocado pits, containers, pots, recycled jars filled with suspicious powders and liquids, and I felt in love with -cooking- textiles.

The characteristics in my opinion can easily compete with the so called -vegan leather- but with the huge difference that at the end of life the bio-waste based leather could be thrown in the compost bin and if for some reason it ends up somewhere around nature it will decompose automatically without any intervention from humans, just the amazing bacteria and microorganism around.

from biowaste
free from PLA

home compostable